Press Release || Election of the Syrian regime in the Executive Office of the World Health

On May 28, 2021, The World Health Organization elected al-Assad regime to be a member of its executive office for a period of three years. We, Violet Organization, condemn that step that is not in harmony with reality, which was issued by an international organization that has a fundamental role in terms of the health system in the world and its workers, while this step comes in the context of ignoring the reality of corruption and criminality against the medical sector and humanitarian workers during the past years that took place at the hands of the Syrian regime and its allies.

This decision did not respect the blood of 930 workers who were killed in the health sector, the destruction of 595 medical facilities, and the arrest of 3,329 workers in the medical sector, including 282 women, until February 2021, of whom 84 died under torture.

The regime's targeting of the medical sector left 70% emigrations of physicians, thus decreasing the proportion of physicians from the general public to one physician for every 10,000 people, while it was one physician for every 600 people.

The WHO forgot about the regime's obstruction of the humanitarian response plans for many besieged areas that were witnessing war and massacres against civilians by the Syrian regime and its allies, as 75% of their attempts to enter those areas did not receive any response and 15% were rejected. As for the spread of the Coronavirus (Covid-19), the regime tried to hide the fact that it spread in its areas of control and exploited it to conceal its crimes against the detainees, in addition to not taking serious preventive measures to stop the pandemic.
It is worth mentioning that Violet Organization’s ambulance team was directly targeted by the warplanes of the Syrian regime, resulting in the death of three volunteers and the injury of two paramedics in Maarat al-Numan center on September 29, 2019, during the team’s response to an emergency situation.

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Violet calls for providing the necessary protection for medical facilities in northwestern Syria and for ensuring protection for workers in the medical sector and humanitarian organizations from any targeting. Since the regime and its allies continue to target medical centers, the most recent of which was the bombing of Atarib Hospital, west of Aleppo, on March 21, 2021, which resulted in the death of eight people and several injuries among patients and staff, and the hospital became out of service.
We also call on The World Health Organization to abide by the moral and humanitarian responsibility towards the affected communities who lost their lives to preserve the lives of others and not to approve the reward of a regime whose record is filled with criminality.


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