Aleppo is Perished


After the siege of Aleppo City for more than a hundred days, nowadays Aleppo is perished brutally with no mercy, with the most terrible massacres are committed, although the world is watching silently

Join us to rescue the IDPs from Aleppo City especially most of them are women and children, Violet Organizations are preparing necessary requirements to receive the IDPs of besieged areas from Aleppo City, when they will go out.

Winter Kits, Ready to Eat Rations, in addition, equipping an ambulance will be completely equipped to get ready to receive the IDPs from Aleppo City

Total Budget 100,000 $

One-Winter Kit 50 $

One-Ready to Eat Ration 5.35 $

One-Share to Support Equipping an Ambulance 100 $

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Total donations $25.00