Ready to Eat Ration 1

Total :  $8,459 | Goal : $15,000

The project aims to offer ready to eat rations for the new IDPs in 24-hour directly after their displacement
Violet Organization strives to secure aids for the newly displaced through the rapid response on the first day of their displacement, by providing ready to eat rations since they will not be able to get or prepare food on the first hours of their arrival until they get the humanitarian aids.

The IDPs tracking teams in Violet Organization identify the IDPs’ basic needs in the areas that will be targeted.

Emergency ready to eat rations were designed, taking into account the minimum needs of family food consumption. These rations include canned food and 10 liters of drinking water that is enough for five people for one single day and cover the food urgent needs.

The cost of one ration is 5.35 $ which saves family’s life from hunger

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Total donations $25.00