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Complementing of the phases of (I Have the Right to Learn) initiative which was launched by Violet in cooperation with Syrian organizations (Ata’a & Al-Amin) inside Syria, under the auspices of Syria TV.
The initiative aims at gathering the educational efforts that Syrian organizations are working on and analyzing the educational reality.
As an attempt to create a new educational environment and highlight the most important problems suffered by this sector in coordination and partnership with the most important international organizations interested in the education sector.
The actors held a training inside Syria that discussed the educational reality and worked on extracting a paper covering most of the problems that the sector is suffering.

My right to learn

Some important projects were put forward for the next phase.
The organizations also completed these training by holding a new seminar in Gaziantep.
Most of the active organizations in the educational file have invited to a distinguished presence at the level of active and influential figures in education
More than thirty organizations’ delegates and seminars attended , distinguished discussion and interaction resulted in ideas for various initiatives that will be implemented by educational organizations with their partners in a short period inside Syria highlighting the deteriorating educational reality inside the Syrian regions, after the deterioration of the educational situation and the systematic targeting of educational facilities, which led to the destruction of 70% of all facilities and schools in northern Syria, in addition to the displacement of hundreds of children with their parents and so that they were interrupted of education, which requires a concerted effort to repair the educational gap, and to remedy the gaps in this sector in the coming period by collective efforts and high coordination among all organizations active in education within Syria.

:شارك على وسائل التواصل الإجتماعي