Camp Management Program


Violet established three camps in the province of Idlib, Harem District, Salqin sub district. They are Samedoon, Qademoon, and Aedoon, and have housed approximately 8,000 displaced people over the last three years. Violet also ensured the camp’s needs have been met, through management and organizing. These camps were set up to maintain the dignity of the displaced people and protect their rights. Food and non-food items, safety and security, full medical care, education, water services, sanitation and other services for the displaced are provided at these camps.

The organization also distributed tents for many other camps and supported them with water and sanitation needs. The most prominent project for 2015 was the Camps Safe program, which supported five Syrian camps with all protection needs, including fire extinguishers and wide-ranging drills for 1,000 trainees in the camps on security and safety measures. Solar energy lighting project installation for these five camps has also been supported.

Violet is considered an active member of the management group overseeing the coordination of UN camps, providing information about camps and the movement of displaced people on a daily basis.