Education Program


Program mission

This program’s aim is to educate, support, and protect children and secure their basic rights. The program works to mitigate the impact of conflicts and wars and their consequences on children. It also provides material, moral and educational support for those working in the field of education.

Program aims

  • Providing distinguished education that contributes to the development of mental and creative abilities of students.
  • Development of their personalities and nurturing of their talents to establish educational values among students and staff.
  • Building a moral, positive and balanced individual in a civilized society.
  • Normalizing social values and ideals such as sincerity, kindness, and honesty.

Projects types:

  • Supporting and operating schools.
  • Recreational activities and psychological support for students.

Program outputs for 2015:

  • Providing education to camp children.
  • Compensate and entertain the orphans at Buhturi and Fatih Alsayed schools in the liberated city of Idlib, with the opening of summer schools. 500 beneficiaries.
  • Compensate and entertain children in Kfrouheen schools and Samedoon camp. 300 beneficiaries.
  • Restoration and rehabilitation of 34 schools in Idlib and Areeha in partnership with the Idlib Directorate of Education. 10,000 beneficiaries.

12,000 beneficiaries.

Program outputs for 2016:

  • Providing education for the children of rural Idlib and Aleppo in 16 schools along with associated needs. 5,000 beneficiaries.
  • Construction and equipping of 10 offices in rural Idlib and Aleppo schools. 3,000 beneficiaries.
  • Distribution of speaking pen tools for the visually impaired to the schools in the city of Idlib, rural Idlib and Aleppo.
  • The distribution of school and teacher bags in rural Idlib and Aleppo schools.
  • The opening of Rushd virtual University to include northern liberated Syria. 300 beneficiaries.
  • Building 15 classrooms at Qademoon camp school.
  • Distributing solar bills for Aedoon camp children for personal use of education.
  • Providing 29 schools in Idlib and Aleppo with solar panels and accessories in order to provide electricity. 8,000 beneficiaries.
  • Training of 349 teachers on overall basic education and psychological first aid in rural Idlib and Aleppo.
  • Fuel distribution for 102 schools in rural Idlib and Aleppo.

17,000 beneficiaries.

  • The sacrifice project:

Provide a full meal in al-Adha Eid for 7,000 children and teachers and the distribution of 2 kg share for 3,000 beneficiaries in Idlib and its countryside, and in rural Hama and Aleppo.

  • Schools restoration project in all sites of Violet schools.
  • Distribution project of 20 seed baskets for about 2,300 students for educational purposes in Aedoon, Samedoon and Qademoon camps provided by the FAO.