Food Program


Program mission   

Food security

The concept of food security refers to the availability of food and enabling access to and benefit from it. The role of the program focuses on reducing food want among those affected by conflicts and disasters and confirming the arrival of food aid. Also vital is providing the ability to buy or produce food, which will enhance access to the required dietary diversity.

 Reviving livelihoods

The concept of reviving livelihoods contributes to fostering food security in communities. Through the protection of productive assets and strengthening the ability of people in crises to activate and use these assets, reviving livelihoods (such as growing crops for consumption and sale) helps people obtain necessary foods and income and protects them from falling into relying on negative coping strategies.

Program aims

  • Provide urgent help to protect life and assistance adapting for the poorest families who have been affected by the conflict, with a focus on people with special needs.
  • Support the livelihoods of communities and families by raising agricultural products and maintaining infrastructure and assets as well as focusing on income-generating projects to reduce the adoption of negative coping strategies.

Project types:

  • Distribution of regular food baskets.
  • Distribution of one-time ready-to-eat baskets to the newly displaced.
  • Support community service groups.
  • Support agricultural and livestock production.

Program outputs for 2015:

  • Distribution of 90,000 food baskets contributed to fostering the level of food security for affected communities in the province of Idlib. 450,000 beneficiaries.
  • Distribution of 3,000 agricultural baskets (wheat, garden/household produce). 15,000 beneficiaries.
  • Employing 450 workers in cash for work project in Idlib, Areeha, and Jisr Alshogour over 11 months.

465,000 beneficiaries

Program outputs for 2016

  • Distribution of 328,000 food baskets to the affected community in many villages and towns of Idlib province in more than 70 distribution sites. 1.6 million beneficiaries.
  • Distributing 33,500 one-time ready-to-eat food baskets to the newly displaced as an emergency response. 165,000 beneficiaries.
  • Staffs of eight schools were supported with food baskets over four months. 9,600 beneficiaries.
  • Ensuring monthly food supplies for 1,600 displaced families that live in camps operated by Violet Organization.
  • Distribution of 5,100 agricultural baskets with a total weight of up to 750 tons in the province of Idlib. 25,000 beneficiaries.

1,800,000 beneficiaries.