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To transfer the vulnerable people in the City of Idleb, who do not have the ability to pay transportation costs and to transfer schools and university students to their schools and universities free within a line in specific times to meet their needs

The project aims to a continuous work of ALKHEIR (GOODNESS) BUS for the whole year, despite the devastation of infrastructure in Idleb City. With the continuation of daily life in its simplest forms and the lack of public transportation, if found, the cost is too high for the high price of fuel. The buses meet the needs of the people and alleviate burdens of the daily life. Every city is in need of two buses to be well serviced. The bus travels four times a day. Each journey starts at 7 am until the 1 pm.  It travels for seven kilometers per travel, the bus stops 26 times to empty passenger others and to rise of others, especially school and university students who are the most benefited group.

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