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Due of the ongoing war in Syria for many years, and use all types of weapons and airstrikes on civilian areas, which led to continue the movements of displacement toward the North of Syria, which is considered relatively safe areas, in addition to the displacement of thousands of civilians from their areas.
Shelter is the most important needs required by the IDPs at first moments of arrival to the new displacement area, which led to establish a hundreds of random camps and, which the canvas tent is the most important components, the IDPs arrived to these camps without any necessary needs of life.
However, unfortunately, the tent deprives the family of their privacy, it does not prevent rain and floodwaters, and in addition, it does not save them of the cold of winter , all that resulted serious health and social problems between the IDPs.

Before going to your bed, try to imagine your self in a case like that in this camp

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Violet Organization seeks to secure a shelter for the IDPs by renting houses for one-year and equip it with the minimum basics of life needs: Mattresses, Blankets, Kitchen Utensils, Hygiene Kit, Stove and Cooking Gas.

Donate now and save family’s life for one-year, the monthly cost is

House Rent, Heat Material, Electricity Bill and Food Basket for 100$

100 Houses will be rented, The Complete Cost for One-Year is 1200$

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