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Children Robot Project has been launched, the first time in North Of Syria

Violet Organization pursued actively to save children in Syria whose mental were affected negatively by war. In addition, Violet tends to develop the educational process which will build the generation of future and keep them save.

IT Department (Information Technology) of Violet has developed the robots which the project depends on. They built and developed suitable program environment for first and the second stage of study.

Project Aims:

  1. Getting the children out of war and daily routine in schools and away from the stress which the children experienced daily

  2. Add new private class to learn how use and develop the robot.

  3. Integrating the technology into the educational process and use the passion of children to use the technology and its skills.

  4. Enhance the confidence of child to have ability to establish his/her special robot.

 Violet’s Schools will be provided 15 robots. The one-robot cost is 400$


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