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Rapid Response for the IDPs from Ghuota






Al Ghouta is exposed daily to more than 100 raids,

which cost the civilians their life, because of the policy of bombing, siege and starvation

it has been in a stifling blockade for several years, resulting in a severe scarcity of food

with the shrinkage of agricultural areas due to the war and continued narrowing of circle in region,

all that resulted to a huge food crisis with an unbelievable price rise of the few existed food

As a result of the targeting of mills, bakeries, infrastructure and food warehouses,

most of it is now out of service

Even if the raw materials are found,

There is a disability to prepare and cook enough food for all families

which prevents the trapped families from being able to get their day’s sustenance

this siege leads to starvation in the 21st century!

قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم: «اتّقُوا النّارَ ولَو بشِقّ تَمرَة»

نسعى لدعم صمود النازحين بتقديم


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