300 new trainees, vocational training and grants to start small projects

The Syrian youth lives with the hope for a better reality that enhances his existence, supports his skills and raises his capabilities to get job opportunities first, the trend towards academic success and scientific development. 

Youth and their economic empowerment:

Syrian youth suffer from their bad economic empowerment. In terms of the availability of job opportunities, a study conducted by Violet Organization under the title “Building Resilience in Society” indicates: Youth are change makers in northwest Syria,” which was issued on January 2022, indicating that there is a decrease in the rate of job opportunities available in the liberated areas of northern Syria, where 35% of the study participants stated that employment assistance for both young men and women is the second need. After needing cash assistance for humanitarian needs.

According to the same study, which included 2,059 young men and women living in northwest Syria between the ages of 18 and 35 years, even with training, 26% of men and 25% of women were unable to find a job, while only a quarter of men and women were able to retain a job. their work if they have any work, while 5% of young women are not confident of finding a job.

According to previous study, youth seek financial or in-kind scholarships to open or support their small projects, followed by access to job training and mini-scholarships; Women, on the other hand, want to receive education that will enable them to enter the labor market and gain new skills.

Working online is an important area to provide almost non-existent job opportunities. While youth face several challenges in this, the most important of which are the weak expected income, the huge supply market, intense competition and weak e-marketing skills, in addition to the lack of experience in dealing with platforms

Violet .. starts a project aims to empower youth professionally and economically:

In February 2022, the Violet Youth Empowerment Program starts a project to provide vocational training for youth  in northern Syria through 4 different centers in the regions of Idlib, Al-Dana, Maarat Misrin and Al-Atareb, for a period of 30 days at a rate of 3-4 hours per day for each training.

The training targeted youths between 17 and 25 years old, with the aim of supporting and improving their personal and life capabilities, in addition to qualifying them to enter the labor market. The best projects will also be supported at the end of the training with in-kind grants that enable the trainees to open their own projects.  

The project provided 11 different trainings in several areas, some of which enabled the trainees to work online, the training includes maintenance of submersibles for agricultural wells, air conditioner maintenance, installation and maintenance of solar panels, battery chargers and inverters (voltage boosters), Maintenance of phones, hardware / software, computer maintenance, hardware / software, installation and maintenance of internet networks and monitoring devices, graphic design, cake and sweets manufacturing and decorating, soap making, paintings and antiques using epoxy, dairy and cheese industry, in addition to To specialized training in beekeeping, the project also included training on business skills and management of small projects.

After the first training tour, the number of beneficiaries who completed their vocational training in 25 groups reached 327. The project will also provide another round of training to contribute to the competence development and economic empowerment of young people.

Youth’s hopes for the next years:

Syrian youth, who have lived through war, loss and pain, far from dreams that have become almost impossible for many, hope to have a safer life in the coming years. A safe and secure life, in which youth enjoy health and well-being, and have access to a better education and higher academic levels that enable them to reach high levels of global leadership.

The Violet organization proposes programs employing youth in northwest Syria to provide financial support for technical education, gender equality, youth projects, provide space for youth, invest in developing leadership skills and build educational knowledge.

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