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“Right in the beginning of the crisis, I felt the situation was changing and I also saw the first consequences of the violence. Seeing families without enough to eat, I decided to join my friends. In our neighborhood and families, we collected food and put together some food baskets that we stored in a building close-by. What then happened was a shock; one of the first bombs in Idleb hit, and it damaged what we just collected. Together with friends, family and neighbors, we started over. Frustrated, but not willing to give up. In the end, we collected enough food to fill more baskets than we had before.”

Fouad Sayed Issa, Founder of Violet.

Violet’s vision

“A charitable group of young men and women aims to help the oppressed and needy around the world out of love and goodness”

Violet’s message

“To protect the oppressed and the neediest from exploitation, build society and seek development, relying on a team of young men and women who carry honesty and sincerity in its highest forms, to bring joy to the hearts of others out of the love of God and the love of all mankind.”


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Violet Organization… Who We Are:

With the beginning of the Syrian movement and later the deterioration of the humanitarian situation at the end of 2011, many ambitious young men and women began working spontaneously and voluntarily to meet the essential needs and try to improve the tragic reality in Syria, which continued to deteriorate at all levels.

This was in conjunction with the international response, which was not enough to cover the basic needs, Violet Organization later began its official work in late 2013 in partnership with international organizations, and the first educational project started in the displaced camps in northern Syria to support two schools with a budget of 30 thousand dollars targeting about 462 students.

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