A festival of culture.. the first in years in the north of Syria.

Art exhibitions and cultural events shed light on some issues that concern the Syrians.. For the first time, Violet Organization launches a festival for culture and arts in northern Syria.

Culture Festival..a youth initiative to revive culture and arts in northern Syria:

Violet Organization, in cooperation with the Turkish Yunus Emre Institute, launched the Week of Arts and Culture Festival, which was carried out between 27-31 March 2022 in the city of Azaz in northern Syria.

The event took place in light of the basic role of culture in the process of building society and integrating its aspects, and the belief in youth and their role in protecting the culture we have as Syrians from being lost. İn the light of the difficult conditions in which Syrians live through displacement, and paving the way for young men and women to seek and showcase their talents, because a society without culture lacks soul.

More than 25 Syrian artists coming from various disciplines participated in the exhibition, whether theatrical, musical or fine arts, while the number of attendees during the days of the festival reached more than 1,000 spectators.

Innovative activities presented by the artists during the festival:

The Arts and Culture Festival has been opened with speeches from several personalities, including the advisor of the Turkish Ministry of Culture, and the management of the Yunus Emre Institute in Azaz, in which he spoke about the role of culture in youth development.

On the third day of the festival, another theatrical performance was shown, in which the play “Bahloul and Hakim Zaghloul” prepared and directed by Mr. Mustafa Shahoud was shown, which included many principles and values ​​that the team sought to inculcate in the hearts of children.

The last two days of the festival included two events from the Memory of the World and a sand painting panorama.

The exhibition “From the Memory of the World” included a display of miniature models of the most famous cultural and archaeological monuments in Syria in particular and the world in general. The festival concluded with the activity of drawing on sand under the title “Here”, which simulated the Syrian issue of bombing, displacement. Arrest and presence of camps and the like. The art exhibition event was held under the supervision of Mr. Bassam Qafhzan, Mr. Ammar Al-Naddaf and Mr. Muhammad Al-Saeed.

The festival had the presence of the governor of the Turkish city of Kilis, in addition to a number of media outlets to cover the qualitative and first event in northern Syria.

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