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Violet believes in providing dignified and context-appropriate aid. We believe in investing in resilient individuals and communities. We believe that leveraging the power of youth action and support within family units will bring us to a better future. But we can’t do this work alone.

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We are on the frontline of an unprecedented humanitarian crisis, with the people of Northwest Syria facing the compounded threats of conflict, natural disasters, and climate change. Across all sectors, we ensure our aid and support go to the most vulnerable.  

With the support of generous people like you we have been working for over 12 years saving lives and rebuilding communities. We will continue our commitment to providing life-saving assistance with dignity and opportunities for building resilience, but we need your help. 

Even small amounts go a long way. With $20, we can provide a family with bread for a month. With $40, a child can get enough clothes for the year. With $100, we can give a family enough heating materials to get through the winter. 


Don’t underestimate the power of spreading the word. Don’t underestimate the power of your voice in fighting against the erasure and indifference. While the humanitarian disaster in Syria may have largely dropped out of the headlines, we are still facing new challenges – from renewed assaults on major civilian areas to deadly cholera outbreaks to the increasing effects of climate change – but also find reasons and stories every day that inspire us to continue our work. Support across social media is crucial for spreading our message and keeping Syria on the agenda.  

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We are looking to expand our horizons and are always on the lookout for collaborators across a range of industries, countries, and cultures who also believe in our mission. If you have any interest in our work or any specific questions, send us an email.