The military campaign on the north of Syria continues uninterrupted since twenty-three weeks, while warplanes are targeting all vital facilities, health centers and hospitals in particular to make the health situation worse in Idlib, while more than 63 medical points have become out of service because of air raids , dozens of health centers have stopped for fear of being targeted by air raids and for the beneficiaries’ safety.

While more than 500 thousand displaced people, “mostly children and women,” suffer the lack of health and emergency services after their arrival to the camps of northern Syria, which are no longer sufficient to secure the growing needs, especially with the presence of more than 70 thousand displaced in the agricultural lands without shelter or primary life services…In spite of the many risks, the medical clinics, Al-Amal Hospital for Motherhood and their staff continue to serve our families.

During the year 2019 and until February, we managed to provide the vaccine to more than 7,600 beneficiaries in different medical groups in Ariha and Saraqeb areas, as well as more than 10,000 checkups in Violet clinic and more than 10 thousands checkups in the clinics of women and children in Al-Amal hospital , “according to the medical director of Violet Organization ..

Violet clinics work to provide free services to displaced and residents people in eight health centers spread throughout the Syrian north.

Ariha hospital provides obstetrics and maternity services, as well as internal and external clinics for women and children and a 24-hour emergency section.

The vaccine project works in the areas of Saraqeb and Ariha in coordination with Idleb Health Directorate and under the supervision of the World Health Organization. “The project provides the vaccine for the following categories (children under five years, pregnant women and females of childbearing age) to raise awareness about the importance of the vaccine and the children’ need to complete all vaccines according to the program