Inspirational Stories of Entrepreneurship Projects

Today, in light of the lack of job opportunities and high prices, getting a job to secure daily sustenance has become almost unachievable for many, within a small area that is not proportionate with the population density that transcended 4 million people, most of whom lost their jobs either due to displacement or to the bombing and destruction of their workplaces.

According to a study conducted by the Coordination and Support Unit published in April 2021 for the age group 20-45 years, the rate of working males or those with a job opportunity was only 59%, while it reached 32% for working women. The study noted that civilians’ income sources vary in northern Syria, where 9% of workers depend on jobs in the education sector, 8% depend on seasonal agriculture, and 6% depending on livestock, small trade or self-employment, or the jobs of humanitarian, medical and other organizations.

Entrepreneurship projects for youth launched by Violet Organization to support youth

In cooperation with Caritas and with the support of the Czech Foreign Ministry, Violet has launched a project to support youth in northern Syria under the title “Youth Entrepreneurship Projects” to develop young people’s skills and provide the necessary assistance to launch the projects that secure their needs and provide them with financial income.

Violet has provided leadership and management training to more than 420 individuals who were selected based on age, volunteer experience, and insufficient income level, with the adoption of volunteer teams’ recommendations. The percentage of women who benefited from the project reached 50% and 20% of people with disabilities. The training provided fell under various titles such as small business management, proposal writing, customer services, and risk management. They also included training in personal selling skills, communication skills, negotiation skills, production, marketing, and price analysis skills.

supporting 87 small projects and providing many jobs opportunities 

After attending the previous training, which lasted for 4 months, 125 financial grants were given to 87 different projects of individual and joint projects (2 or 3 people)

The number of beneficiaries of this project was 73 men, 58 women, and 7 persons with disabilities.

Success stories of the beneficiaries’ projects:

Amira Bakir is a student at the College of Dentistry, one of the beneficiaries of the Violet Organization financial grants project, where she opened a center for selling dental tools in Idlib city, The project contributes to the relief of a family of 4 persons. Amirah says: as a student in the College of Dentistry, I launched my project to help students with their assignments especially since the needed tools are rarely found in Idlib.

The project targets dental students, as it helps them to accomplish all their tasks and assignments at reasonable prices and by the hands of experienced people.

Muhammad with special needs, one of the beneficiaries of the financial grants project provided by Violet Organization, opened a project to sell local and European used clothes targeting all segments of society.

Muhammad says about his project: It meets citizens’ needs for clothes at cheaper prices compared to market prices.

This project supports his family and helps secure their needs.

Laila, one of the beneficiaries of the violet organization financial grants project, inaugurated a project for printing pictures after it was difficult to implement without support, where she prints picture of a specific size and then places the net and nylon over it to preserve it, she also makes artistic paintings of colored stones, the project supports 4 people.

Laila says about her project: this project contributes to giving a civilized and beautiful image of the country with it’s environmentally friendly component. It also aims to revive heritage and combat unemployment.


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