International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day….its story and significance

On the eighth of March, the world observes International Women’s Day after the adoption of this date by the United Nations in 1977 in response to a proposal to adopt a day chosen to celebrate women and shed light on their issues, as this day later turned into a symbol of women’s struggle in which they demand their rights.

It is the day that commemorates the movement and protest marches of more than 15 thousand women in the streets of New York City in 1908, demanding the right to vote in elections, fewer working hours, and higher wages.

Under the title “Gender Equality for a Sustainable Future”, this year’s International Women’s Day activities are taking place in light of the climate crisis and its repercussions. It should be noted that women are the most affected by the repercussions of climate change, as they represent the majority of vulnerable groups and are the most dependent on natural resources threatened by climate change.

Therefore, we find that women and girls are leaders and change-makers concerning climate issues through their participation in various initiatives around the world.

Figures and facts:

According to the United Nations, women make up the vast majority of health workers (70%), as for food security and the standard of living, women make up the largest proportion with 70% of the 1.3 billion people living in poverty, while in urban areas, women are responsible for providing for 40% of the most vulnerable families.

According to the same source, women produce 50-80% of the world’s food, but they own less than 10% of the land.

It is worth noting that women and girls represent 40% of people displaced by disasters, wars, and climate change around the world.

Syrian women and a reality fraught with dangers and difficulties

The Syrian woman faced all kinds of difficulties after the responsibilities and burdens she had been carrying for more than ten years of killing, arresting, and displacing in circumstances described as the catastrophe of the century.

In the tenth annual report issued by the Syrian Network for Human Rights on November 25, 2021, regarding violations against females, the network documented, from March until the date of the report’s issuance, the killing of 28,618 females at the hands of the parties to the conflict.

it also added that at least 10,628 females are still in prisons under arrest or enforced disappearance for the same previous period.

The report stated that 93 women (adult females) were killed under torture at the hands of the parties to the conflict and the controlling forces in Syria.

At least 11,523 incidents of sexual violence were documented against females, including minor girls (under the age of 18).

The suffering of women continues in northern Syria, especially within the displacement camps, which shelter approximately 453,829 women, including 13,119 women without a breadwinner.

Syrian women are also facing the dangers of Constant bombardment by the regime forces and Russia, in addition to early marriage, dropping out of education, health problems, and psychological pressures.

On their International Day, how Violet enhances the role of women:

Violet has always been keen to enhance the role of women in society by involving them in various programs and projects, as it has contributed to the employment of 420 women and 165 female workers in several sectors such as education, health, protection, and various programs, in addition to many volunteers in various fields, including the media.

Violet also encourages female employment, especially in positions in which women excel, such as protection, medical and educational fields, after the organization’s contribution to raising the competencies and capabilities of women by providing the necessary training.

Recently, the organization signed an agreement with the Hand in Hand Organization for the employment of people with disabilities, which includes providing them with job opportunities, whether in the organization or with other parties and contributing to their integration into society.

We at Violet believe in the rights and capabilities of women, and the importance and necessity of involving them in all areas of life, and we also strive to provide them with a decent life,

We always urge the international community and women and human rights organizations to take explicit and clear steps to eliminate violence against women in northern Syria and to support efforts to provide humanitarian aid and support programs and projects that support women and provide them with a source of income that makes them needless to seek help.

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