Heart-warming Education Campaign

To support schools with heating materials in northern Syria


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One of the most critical issues facing the education sector is insufficient capacity to cover the running costs of schools. Students are most affected, with more than 2.4 million children currently out of school. UNICEF says that at least 1.197 schools and 29 kindergartens were destroyed in whole or in part, and 1,539 schools were harmed.

On the different side. Schools which are able to teach at different levels of education are not proportional to the number of children. Schools that are eligible to receive students also suffer from limited operational support, hindering the education process of students in northern Syria.

For the past ten years, Violet has worked on building an educational system in coordination with UN agencies.

Ensure continuity of education through the country’s 49 formal schools and non-formal education activities. as well as providing supplies for schools and supporting children who need assistance.

Heart-warming Education Campaign

 With the beginning of winter and the insufficient of international funding, schools are suffering from a lack of heating materials, making it difficult to continue the educational process. Education under these circumstances makes children more susceptible to illness, forcing parents not to send their children to school.

The campaign aims to secure heating fuel, fireplaces, and fuel tanks to improve the learning environment in classrooms and educational tents in line with the basic principles to ensure children’s safety and protection. The overall objective is to improve the educational environment in northwest Syria by supporting 49 schools and temporary learning places 454 classrooms and an educational tent.

Number of beneficiary teachers 610

Number of beneficiary students 15,289

Remember that your few make a difference and contribute to children’s access to their rights to education and warmth.

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