warm winter campaign
A campaign to provide winter supplies for the displaced in Syria

The situation of the displaced in winter of 2021

Nearly 5 million Syrians are facing another winter while they are still in the camps, as this scene is repeated every year until it becomes familiar to the world, torrential rains fall and with it the tents are flooded, leaving the inhabitants of those tents. In the open without shelter, or fires break out due to the use of unsafe heating materials, which puts people’s lives at risk from the fires they cause

that the tragic situation reached by the vast majority of the population of northwestern Syria has put them in a state of constant confrontation with crises.

Humanitarian and international organizations have long warned that food insecurity has reached its peak in Syria, where 12.4 million Syrians struggle to get food, which means that 60% of Syrians are facing food insecure.

Violet’s response to Winter 2021

During the last winter, many children died due to the harsh climatic conditions and the lack of heating facilities in the areas where they lived. To preserve these innocent souls, and because warmth is a right for every human being, Violet Organization launched a winter response campaign for the sixth year in a row, with the aim of providing winter clothes (jackets – clothes – shoes) and heating materials for those in need, in addition to distributing winter emergency bags to provide winter non-food items (Blankets – mattresses) in case of any emergency.

By providing basic materials, the number of beneficiaries of the campaigns launched by Violet for the winter of 2020 reached more than half a million affected people in northern Syria.

Emergency team preparedness

since the first day of the response, the emergency team has been raising maximum levels of preparedness to respond to the distress calls of the displaced due to the heavy rains hitting the camps.

Winter cloth bag

In the winter, we will work to distribute winter clothes for displaced children (jacket – clothes – shoes) to help them live a warm winter.

emergency response bag

It aims to provide winter non-food items for families (blankets, mattresses) in the event of any floods or emergencies.

heating material

The winter bag provides a heater, heating materials from fuel, and all the needs of a displaced family to cover their needs in the winter season.

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