Buying, Equipping and Running an Ambulance

Total :  $8,275 | Goal : $26,110

To meet the distress calls and transfer the injured to hospitals to do the first aids that ensure their survival, paramedics volunteers alternate in the emergency program for 24 hours.


The availability of hospitals and the medical points with its simple services and the teams’ drying to speed up the access to the place of the descent rocket-propelled grenades after the aerial bombardment to save the innocent people and to do the first aids for them seeking to take out the wounded. However, the far distance from areas of shelling and avoiding their positions from civilians out of fear to be targeted does not preclude to access on the right time and speed to respond to such emergencies. This requires processing ambulance system that contains medical equipment that offers first aid within the emergency voluntary team of Violet Organization in City of Idlib. This team will be trained to deal with emergencies in the liberated areas that is almost bombed daily. The team rotates in the emergency center over 24 to be the first to arrive, thus it will help and save the largest possible number of civilians at every stage after the bombing where ambulances cannot access for them on time. The team will transfer them to hospitals and offer first aids for them in the ambulance car to ensure their survival until they receive the necessary treatments. Thus, our work, as much as possible, is done to maintain their lives. The total cost of per car with running it for one-year is 26,110$

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