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With You 33 Raised by: 29 donors $5000 Required 33% Funded $3372 Remaining Donate Now “New clothes for my siblings and me” replied Marwan when asked what he would like for Eid. During Eid, staff members and volunteers at Violet made sure not to miss this opportunity to cheer up the children living in the camps in Northern Syria, who have witnessed what no child should; violence, displacement, poverty, and an almost complete lack of safety and stability. However, in order to continue supporting these children and make their wishes come true, we need your help.

Your donations can help fulfill the wishes of the most vulnerable children who suffer from the pain of displacement and to move away from their original environment in order to provide psychological and social support by offering new clothes, stationery, and gifts for 200 kids based on each child’s wish that he/she will ask from Dema. A budget of 25$ will be dedicated per gift Dema is an athlete, fundraiser, and interior designer from Idlib, Syria. Her dream is to become a Paralympic athlete. She started running at 16, winning second place in an inter-school tournament in her town that year. The following year, the war started and it became too dangerous – the year after that, a bomb fell on her house in Idlib when she was inside with her family, and she lost her leg. Dema tirelessly helps others: she recently raised £1000 in support of refugees and would like to support Violet so that we are able to help the children from her hometown. At Violet, we feel a strong sense of responsibility towards protecting these children. ⁣Please help us draw a smile on the faces of our young friends.⁣

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