Total :  $39,944 | Goal : $75,000

The winter was begun, which is considered the one of the hardest times for the IDPs in Syria. Violet Organization will provide a winter kit for each displaced family to preserve them from bitter cold as much as possible

Due the deliberate displacement against civilians in Syria and the bad human situation in Syria, thousands of families have been displaced, and their number is significantly growing every day. Although there are no kind of non-food supplies such as, shelter, clothing, cooking utensils and other essential needs for IDPs, in addition the non-available electricity and high price of fuel which people depend on for heating in Syria, winter kits could still support the steadfastness and relieve the burden of the IDPs in the early hours of the displacement. These families are the most vulnerable and affected in the society, these kits are essential to protect them from the harsh weather conditions in winter.


Project will be implemented in Governorate of Idlib, and Northern Rural of Aleppo

Number of Beneficiaries: 1500 IDPs


The Cost of one-kit: 50 $ 50$

In addition the IDPs will be provided with heat material monthly per family

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Total donations $25.00