Water and sanitation program(WASH)


 It serves to support activities of other programs for direct and indirect benefits.

The program mission:

Improve water, sanitation systems and hygiene of the affected areas and improve health awareness of the population.

Program aims:

Maintain a continuous water supply and sanitation services to support community public health and to mitigate of diseases resulting from water contaminated by sewage and other pollutants.

Projects types:

  • Extension of sewage networks to two camps in northern Syria.
  • Support money-for-work project in food security sector and livelihoods by employing 450 workers in maintenance of water and electricity networks and rehabilitation of municipalities’ vehicles and tools in of Idlib, Areeha and Jisr Alshogour.
  • Providing Aedoon camp with drinkable water.

Program outputs for 2015:

  • Extension of a sewage system by 10,500 m.
  • Removal of garbage from the city of Idlib.
  • There were about 181,845 beneficiaries from the distribution of hygiene kits in the cities of Idlib, Areeha and Jisr Alshogour. 32,500 hygiene kits distributed.

Program outputs for 2016:

  • Removal of 1248 m3 of garbage in Areeha city.
  • Removal of 3,200 m3 of debris.
  • Provide Aedoon camp with 72 m3 of daily access for safe drinking water.