Protection Program

The program was established on xxxx

Statistics for 2020:

  • Number of beneficiaries of the program: 32,558
  • 5 projects have been implemented

At Violet, we strive to pursue a community-based approach that empowers the most vulnerable groups in societies.

In all our projects, we work to mainstream protection and focus on the safety and dignity of individuals and families in society.

In 2019, we began to move from protection mainstreaming to implementing protection projects. We did this by appointing a protection coordinator who increased the capacity of our protection staff and supported us in designing protection projects.

In 2020, a protection file will allow us to address the protection risk needs of women and children in different regions in northwest Syria.

The protection program began in 2019, providing protection to provide psychosocial support services, orphan care and emergency support directly to children after their displacement in Idlib and Aleppo.

Program activities:

  • Supporting orphans
  • Distribution of non-food items
  • Provide food baskets
  • Providing safe spaces for children and women in the implemented projects
  • Providing safe spaces for children in Violet schools


The latest developments in the program

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