The World Health Organization ( WHO) celebrates the world blood donation day in the 14th of June in order to raise awareness about the safe blood products and the importance of blood donation to save other people’s lives and to provide a good stockpile of this vital material.

That’s where , ( Qatra humanitarian Organization ) and Watan Organization with the participation of Violet and other volunteering teams and humanitarian organizations launched a blood donation campaign “ A Drop of Blood is Worth a Life” to meet the needs of hospitals and telesemia patients.

The Centre for Volunteers and Youth in Violet host the volunteers and the blood donors on Monday and thats to encourage the blood donation and to solidify that initiative and the moral value of giving in young people.


That campaign has reportedly coincided with a military escalation of regime forces in areas of northwestern Syria that leaves a number of infected people in hospitals every day, which increases the need for blood bags. The campaign sought to secure the blood bags to be ready in the event of any civilian casualties.



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