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Zakat on money:

Zakat is the third pillar of Islam and it is the blessing and growth of the owner, in the authentic hadith on the authority of Ibn Umar, may Allah be pleased with him, that the Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, said: (Islam is built on five: testifying that there is no God but Allah, and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, establishing prayer, paying zakat, ..) Hadith.

Allah Almighty commanded Muslims to give out part of the money that Allah gave them as Zakat for weak and needy families, and the virtue of zakat is that it is purification and Zakat for them, and growth and blessing in their money.

Allah said: “Take from their wealth ˹O Prophet˺ charity to purify and bless them .. (103)” Surat At-Tawbah.

And the definition of Zakat in language is: the increase and growth of money.

Its conditions and duties:

It is obligatory for every Muslim, whether male or female, old and young, sane and insane.

In the event that the conditions and the Nisab for Zakat are fulfilled, zakat is obligatory for Muslims, and it is specified in the Sharia, and the condition for zakat money is that the money be transferred to one year - that is, in the Hijri year. This is because the Prophet, may peace be upon him, said: “There is no zakat on money until a year has passed on it.” (Al-Tirmidhi, Abu Dawud and Ibn Majah narrated it, and Al-Hafiz said there is nothing wrong with its chain of transmission).

Another condition is that the one who has donated their zakat should not be in need of this money as one of their basic necessities.


Money on which Zakat is due:

Zakat is required in four types of money as defined by the Sharia, which are: cash - merchants' goods - coming out of the earth (grains, fruits and minerals) - and the animal from the cattle.


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Nisap of Zakat (Money)

The Nisab of Zakat in cash and currencies is the value (85 grams) of pure gold.


Nisap of Zakat (Gold)

The fuqaha differed about the zakat on gold. Some of them think that it is not subject to Zakat, regardless of its weight or amount, and some of them believe that it is subject to Zakat when it reaches the Nisaab and one year has passed. It is not subject to Zakat when it is within the usual limits, and what is more than usual is subject to Zakat (and this is more likely). As for gold saved and broken and which is not used, then Zakat is due on gold whether it is with a man or a woman. The Nisab for gold and gold coins is (20) twenty mithqals, equivalent to (85) grams of pure gold (and the weight equals 4.25 grams)

As for the non-pure gold, it falls from its weight by the amount that is mixed with it other than gold. In gold (18) carats, for example, the amount of a quarter falls, representing six of the twenty-four, and the rest is zakat. As for gold (21) Carats, for example, the amount of one eighth is deducted and represents three out of twenty-four, and the remainder is paid Zakat. The same applies to non-pure silver.

According to the most correct opinion of the sayings of scholars, there is no obligatory zakat on a woman's gold used for decoration.

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