COVID-19 Response

Total :  $4,181 | Goal : $15,000

Violet aims to provide training on the response of the COVID-19 to specialized paramedics to deal with potential cases, secure the affected, and sterilization mechanisms with the applying of potential practical scenarios due to the lack of medical service, adequate equipment, and poor health services In addition, to providing awareness sessions to the community in accordance with the standards and advice of the World Health Organization and Hygiene Kits Where specialized teams have begun to deal with the epidemic to sterilize public utilities precautionary centers and shelters and mosques in order to prevent the spread of the epidemic

Online consultation for COVID-19: It is a service launched by Violet Organization through its website that aims to inspect the individuals through the data they enter as symptoms, age, chronic diseases, and mixtures. The algorithm for the results was designed by epidemiologists as well as the information was supervised from the website of the Turkish and British Ministries of Health.

The site gives expected results according to special codes with tips for each person according to the input data and best practices It also gives hotline service numbers and contact information for referral systems for red code owners. Please Click Here

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